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  • Member: tallgeese
  • Title: Hope!!
  • Premiered: 2003-12-02
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    • Con Air Main Theme
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  • Comments: I wonder how many videos out there have this as their title? Oh well...I have decided with my latest video capturing abilities to make another short video (in my seemingly endless parody of short vids).

    The idea first came along a LONG time ago. Believe it or not then I wanted to do it using footage from the Fusion saga. However due to many circumstances I never saw its completion. Then however out of my enermous DVD collection (COUGH COUGH yea right) I found Trunks footage. It fit the mood I was in and I saw that I could make it work.

    Overall I dont think its my best...but its definately something worth enjoying. I tried new things in the many as three transitions at once!! (Which resulted in Adobe crashing alot!)

    Alot of work went into the timing...and some parts of it are the way it is cause I didnt really want to ruin it for the latest DBZ fans. Thats the intro...a little more detail about the video can be found below the stars.

    (UPDATE): The Local download has the high quality Xvid version. Please leave an opinion.


    Believe it or not lots of timing effort went into this video...sometimes I tried to time three things at once using transitions....which was very hard at some points even in this song. This is my first effort using white flashes...which I never was a fan of before but it helped some parts of the video flow better.

    I tried actual frame stills once or twice...but I like the white flash better in this vid....

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