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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Racer X Productions
  • Title: "Punk Teen Lovers"
  • Premiered: 2003-12-03
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    • Castic Soda Welcome To DumpsVille, Population You!
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  • Comments: This is track 099 of Short amvs for short people,

    A project devoted to punk music in anime music videos (since theres really not alot out there),
    When I was selecting tracks for my projects, I stumbled across this, a seemingly.. Impossible choice for me, because basicly, I HATE doing bad endings,
    I mean really, I just do,

    But over time (about 3 days) the track had wore so well with a few idea's in my head, I just REALLY wanted to get something down, so I started ripping dvd's, with really nothing paticular in mind at the time.

    I had bought (about 5 months ago) a few sailor moon dvd's cause I love the show, and one of them happened to have the episode "Yuichiro's Heart broken by Rei?!", and I felt... you know...

    It's love, it's punk, and it simblizes pretty much everything most punk songs stand for (love, cheating, missunderstanding, etc).

    So without too much thought as to how I was gonna work it, I quickly started to rip the episode (lucky 1 episode only takes like 30 minutes to rip and encode :D) and late that night I started working on the track it self.

    I did give it a happy ending, because as stated earlier, I hate bad sad endings,

    Though I did leave alot of what happens after the end very open, so you can guess what might have happened (or did) if you havnt seen the show (or even if you have).

    This just turned out way better than I thought it would, and I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out, for the amount of time I could use in this video (24 secounds isn't much :P).

    I think even though I only had 24 secounds I got alot of the point accros, about love and how sometimes misunderstanding the situation at hand can lead down a pretty rough road itself.

    Incase you're wondering though the title itself is derived from the project, itself.

    "Punk Teen Lovers"

    You can take the title as you will :) it really just means, most of the time you just missunderstand love itself.

    And thats about it, I hope you all enjoy it, and It should show along with the rest of "Short amv's for short people" at Archon next year in St.louis (I'll probably be there ^.^).

    Nemoxs (Jacob)

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