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  • Member: demonlighter
  • Studio: spitfire studios
  • Title: Session
  • Premiered: 2003-12-03
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    • Linkin Park Session
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  • Comments: Hey,

    This is my fourth vid so far and I gotta say it sorta kicks ass. But I ran outtta effects tworad the end, so the corny ones kinda turned into a theme. But this is by far the best i'v done, which isn't sayin much. I can tell that I took a really long time on it when i'm so sick of the song that i'm ready to break the CD into tiny lil chunks to throw in a fire. I also ripped so much footage that when my sis had to type a five page report word crashed on her and she didn't save. And then she felt the sudden urge to kick my ass......yea. Anyway hope you enjoy the vid and please leave a comment. Thx later ^_^

    P.S. I need serios tutoring on lip synch.

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