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  • Members: Voices_Of_Ryan, dcdeveloperx
  • Title: OMG A DBZ VIDEO Part 2
  • Premiered: 2003-11-28
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    • AFI Hearts Frozen Soil Thawed Once More By the Spring of Rage, Despair and Hopelessness
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  • Comments: This video is part of two things 1.

    Short videos for short people (

    And It is part 2 of


    When requesting a song for the short videos project, I knew I wanted something fun and peppy, just to have some mindless fun with,

    So I found this little gem (Track 017) it's just a song about screaming.

    And when I went to find an anime for the track, I stumbled accross the dragonballz movie I had just bought on dvd, so I was like, "ok, cool, why not".

    I had seen Dcd's project a few days before and I knew it was something I wanted to sorta make a sequel, because I loved his video, and the premise was quite fun.

    It's not about making fun of dbz videos, it's about pokeing fun at dragonballz itself.

    So I made this short (32 secound) video about screaming.

    And so here you have it, with DCD's help, we welcome you to,

    OMG IT'S A DBZ VIDEO Part 2,


    Because I could not get the org to recognize it, here is a direct link it's the same mpeg, only zipped (I know 56k users get mad cause they cant resume on the org server).

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