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  • Member: NytenGale21
  • Title: Deeper into Escaflowne
  • Premiered: 2003-11-27
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    • Delirious Deeper
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  • Comments: Whew....THAT took a while...i'm pretty pleased with this vid! i hope you'll like it! n_n I really branched out in this vid and did a lot more 'effects' then normal for me...i think...^^;;

    the words go pretty well....and the syncing worked out pretty great too...

    as for the motivation in the might help if you've seen Escaflowne XD (that normaly goes for most AMVs) but anyways...
    it was a simple 'love song' sorta vid. Van and Hitome each trying their hardest, in their own way, to get closer to the person they love ( for Van, its the obvious flying part, and Hitome is a track her specialty is running n_n)
    Falkin was thrown in because he fits in mostly with Van...and the whole big brother relationship.....what Van would have wanted to be like, if his brother hadn't gone bad, ect...Hence he's always shown in the "I wanna be..." parts. Also Falkin was the only one i could use for the line "Hold me in your arms, like any father would" it just wouldn't have worked for any other chara...XD

    i just wish i had some other way to encode my vids...from a super huge avi. file to some crappy wmv. file which distorts my near perfect images and's really ticking me yeah...i know the quailty isn't the greatest...but its still not bad n_n


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