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  • Member: requiett
  • Title: disoRgAnic pupPEt
  • Premiered: 2003-11-25
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    • Clint Mansell We Got the Gun
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  • Comments: Taking a cue from my last electronica vid, I liked doing it so much, I had to do another. Only this time, I took the liberty of spending far more time organizing, editing, and adding keen digital effects. I never put so much time into an AMV, racking up several weeks of staight input. I was pleased enough with the results to call this my first true AMV. Pretty much everything else was practice up to this point. I feel confident enough in my skills to take on large projects spanning longer periods of time. Anyway... about the video itself...

    I've been dying to make a Ghost in the Shell vid for some time now. But I wasn't confident enough, due to the lack of usable footage in the film (it's only 1:20). Plus I just couldn't find that certain song that "fits" it. I'm a major electronica freak, and I have a rather nice collection of songs of the genre. The composer whose work stood out most to me was Clint Mansell, who also did the infamous Two Towers' Requiem. (It's real name is Lux Aeterna, and it was originally done for Requiem for Dream, an equally impressive film, albeit extremely depressing.) His piece "We Got the Gun" is what I would consider to be his finest example of electronica. Taken from the Pi soundtrack (another excellent movie), it has various quotes from the movie itself, which I also left in to add to the mood of the vid.

    My object with this vid was to make it as "rave-like" as possible, and almost LSD-ish in nature. This is one step in my goal toward creating a truly psychodelic vid. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed racking my brains out over this one.

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