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  • Member: thistledown
  • Studio: Mt. Nevermind
  • Title: Ruby Bebop
  • Premiered: 2003-11-24
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  • Song:
    • London Symphonic Orchestra Ruby Tuesday
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I know the song takes a long time to get going, but so does the song. Sorry. Please also excuse my rather lengthy rant.

    Ok, I started on this video a few months ago, and had quite a few problems with it. It's my first one, so I wasn't really sure on how to do this. The date in the video is actually when I started it, not when I finished, sorry. Anyways, I first completed it in late August, but because it was drawing from many source files and my computer isn't very good, the video came out huge and choppy.

    After a few months of having it sit around, mainly because I knew what was ahead of me, I went back at it. Some friends of mine who knew a lot more about this gave me some pointers that helped a lot. You see, all my source files were scattered around, and the computer had to keep searching for each one. At their advice, I used Videowave to compile all the source footage into one large file, and then went about replacing each clip in premire with the right spot from the huge source file.

    My motivation for this part seamed rather low for a while, due in large part to the feeling: "I already have the video done, why am I doing this again?"

    But after some encouragement from my friends, I eventually got back to work on it. Following some of the guides found here, I managed to get it down to a size I'm happy with, and a quality that I can live with. (At least it's not choppy any more, and 40 megs is a lot better than the 540 it used to be.)

    If I ever get a DVD player, I might get the bebop dvd's and remaster this, but probably not for a while.

    I just wish I knew what was making it bounce up and down in the first 50 seconds and fix it.

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