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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Donut Hole productons
  • Title: Makafushigi Densetsu
  • Premiered: 2003-11-21
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    • Hiroki Takahashi Doragonb˘ru Densetsu
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  • Comments: This video is about Shenron and the Dragonballs. OMG an original DB idea! well at least some thing different from the usual Goku or Vegeta tributes. i dont know where i got the idea for this video. i was listening to the song at school during one of my breaks and then later on during the week i watched Dragon Ball movie 2 "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle" and while watching the opening theme "Get that Dragonball!" (the theme 4kids came up with for the american opening) i thought it was a funny fit to the song Dragon Ball Legend the ending to "Mystical Adventure" feature. i used different scenes of Shenron coming forth and the DB gang collecting the Dragonballs and so forth. i used various footage from DB/DBZ/DBGT. i originaly planned to use all Dragonball footage but i didnt have enough. the only thing i had of Dragonball was the four movies. so you get to see some original footage for once. when i started off making the vid i went out of order and started to complete the last half first which was mainly stuff of DragonBall movie 2. that quickly changed when i completed the first part of the vid which actually turned out good. the second part was crap so i got rid of those scenes and captured more stuff that delt with the Dragon. if i kept the stuff i originaly started out with this vid would of really sucked. speaking of capturing not all of it is that great since i had to use two vhs tapes since they werent released on dvd. mainly scenes from "Curse of the Blood Rubies" and "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle". the rest were from dvd footage. i only lip synced a couple of times mainly when Krillin was calling out the Dragon and a scene of Bulma. i didnt really intentionaly wanted lip syncing for her part so it kinda feel into place. there is one scene i probably shouldnt of used but i was running out footage. it was the 3D Shenron scene fromt he american DBGT opening (the crappy GT rap song). the animation just didnt flow with the rest of the video but i was desperate for Shenron scenes and i dont have any of the original Dragon Ball series. there is a tiny scene with Goku naked but it only last a second and you cant really see any thing plus its not sexual nudity so im not worried about it. also i used a few scenes a couple of times so dont complain cause i warned you. a couple of the scenes that i used are different variations of the openings any ways. i also used three at least three different endings for the vid cause i didnt know which one to use so i decided to use all three. thats all i got to say on the video. so go ahead and download it. its one of the most original vids ive made in a while especially for DragonBall. if you like the original Dragonball as much as i do then its diffently worth a download!

    Download coming soon.

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