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  • Member: Sinisterbabe
  • Title: The Eva Wall (remastered)
  • Premiered: 2003-11-21
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    • Pink Floyd The Wall (full)
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  • Comments: This is the promised, remastered, original version of The Eva Wall. I have recreated the original concept to include a Ayanami profile and a reflection of each of the children. This is the final version I will be making. I left in the vinyl crackles of When the Tigers Broke Free and the single squelch in Vera because they actually add something to the film.. reality. As time goes on, I will post the videos in pairs for those whom wish to have the elements in a better quality or for the people who like a particular video more than the rest and wish not to sit through an hour and a half because of one song.

    I hope this pleases you. Enjoy the film. As always, if you can leave feedback, please do so. :)

    This is a full length movie. I have incorporated the subtitles to be almost a complete story on their own... however, some are there to mess with your mind and if you don't read subs it will still work visually. As with most movies, this has a built plot and starts out slow, but by the the time Run Like Hell gets to you... you'll be on a rollercoaster. The music is occasionally edited and overlayed with the Eva sounds. There is a sound glitch that hurts in Vera. I must apologize for that. Some of the movie is straight clips from the series, because it worked so well that I couldn't fetter with it. Try to bear with the quality, since I had to shrink the file quite a bit. I will be uploading a better version with modifications and higher video/audio quality. I am sure that any Eva/Pink Floyd fan will totally love this movie. :) It is controversial, enlightening and a real mind bender. Oh, please tell me what you think. Feedback is so inspiring. Oh, just an obvious fair warning, there are most definitely spoilers in this movie.

    There has been new interest shown for me to re-release The Eva Wall. Imagine... 2 years after I initially released the movie... but here is the real surprize. I will dig out my old footage and testers after I move. Once life's puzzle is put back together, I will rework the video. It just went so long being unnoticed that I gave up on the re-release.

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