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  • Member: nailz
  • Studio: Goat Productions
  • Title: Lord of the Ballz (Lord of The Rings movie Tribute) Remastered
  • Premiered: 2001-12-01
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    • Lord of The Rings Trailer Original Sound Track
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  • Comments: DUMB DUMB DUMB!!! - fixed the link, you should be able to download it now =\

    Nominated for Best Anime Trailer, Video Choice Awards 2001 from - with all the added hits on the damn video, how about a few more reviews? ^_^

    What I ask you to do before downloading this: Read the entire intro below as it downloads, and PLEASE disreguard everything you know about Dragon Ball Z, love it or hate it. Do not disreguard this on the fact that it's DBZ. In no way do I want this to be a Dbz = LoTR short film. I merely wanted to show how much enthusiasm I have for the movie, and I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed finally re-re-re-re-finishing it :)

    Who: Goat Productions, of course! ^_^

    What: Dragon Ball Z set to the Lord of the Rings trailer.

    Where: HAHA! Sucess! I've finally got my website up! Link below.

    When: NOW!

    Why: Well, I thought to myself...I'm bored with AMV's right now, (as in creating them)..So I'll put what I'm currently working on the back burner. What can I do in place now...? .. I'd like to do a lord of the rings trailer set to DBZ...but I couldn't do it unless it would be perfect, simply because what the movie is. So, I started talking to one of my online friends and started getting ideas, and decided its something I can do. So, I did!

    How: With Adobe Premier 6.0, An All In Wonder Radeon, and a Lotta DBZ tapes, and clips ranging in the 1.5 gigabite size (total, not per clip)...oh, not to mention the original Lord of the Rings trailer. =)

    Notes: This trailer/video has been remastered from the first one. Thanks to the 7 reviews I recieved from other people, as well as my own quest for perfection, I was able to eliminate a lot of bad points with the video. It's upped about 10 megs in size, but the video and sound quality have VASTLY improved, thanks to OVStaffwannabe (IE Waiyaki) and his recomendation of a new codec.

    Things changed in the remastered version: Used virtual dub to process wav from the actuall trailer, eliminating the annoying clicking premier threw in. Better video quality, cropped off ugly line noise. Overall better synch. Opening credits, with theme. "It has now been found" Has been replaced from a zoom in (which was grainy) to a lens flare. Removed King Kai (Kaio-sama) and replaced it with Roshi, as well as added a neat little effect to that scene. Fixed Piccolo's lipsynch as well as the transition (from a cross-zoom to a cross-fade). The words now pull back instead of being stationary. Removed the bad frame from the Frieza scene. Retimed Gohan and the spirit bomb. Fixed Gohans lipsynch at the end so It didn't appear he was jumping all over the place. Fixed the extreemly abrupt ending.

    Just a note, about halfway into the trailer, I got really bored and fed up with it, and with AMV's in general, because it just seemed like something that had been done before. Personally, I'm glad I finished this one, because to me, it turned out to be something really special.

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