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  • Member: fellowhoodlum
  • Title: They Got Potential
  • Premiered: 2001-09-22
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    • Antonio Banderas The Lady's Got Potential - Evita Soundtrack
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  • Comments: Work No.: 7

    Entered this (supposedly) in the AWA Masters 2001. Fat lot of good it did.

    Song by: Andrew Lloyd Webber
    Lyrics by: Tim Rice
    Sung by: Antonio Banderas

    I was working on an FF8 video to another song when I heard this one. It sounded energetic enough and strangely appropriate I throw out the song and adopted this. The idea of using songs from a musical is not new, though this one is sufficiently different to prevent accusations of being a copycat :D

    For those who haven't watched 'Evita' in any of its forms, this video might make less sense :D

    Production Notes:

    The song is cut at two points; One right after the beginning bars where the first verse starts. The second is between the third chorus and fourth verse, where the fourth chorus was edited out. I tried to minimize the disruption the best I could :/

    Usage of FF6 footage could be discerned as questionable but they were very helpful in making the video more full-bodied. It's more of an FF8 video with FF6 clips sprinkled here and there.

    Speaking of footage choices. FF8 and FF6 are the only clips available on my HD for lack of space.

    I'm planning to enter this video for AWA though I have no idea which catergory. It's one of those multi-genre videos I guess.

    Still, enjoy. :D

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