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  • Member: Songbird21
  • Studio: QuickSilver Studios
  • Title: Kitsune Kombat
  • Premiered: 2003-11-18
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    • Jock Jams Mortal Kombat
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  • Comments: I wanted to do a vid to Shippo (There are none out there that I've seen), but I couldn't find a song that worked. Then I thought of Mortal Kombat. Why MK, you ask? Because Shippo is always trying to act like an adult and fails miserabley most of the time. I wanted to show him winning a fight.

    I decided to use footage that showed him succeeding in being the fighter that he wants to be.....and the only way to do that was to show him battling other Yokai (demon) kids. There are only 2 episodes that have that, so I had to cut down the song from 3:40 to 1:27. I did rather well with it if I do say so myself. It wasn't too hard, MK being the repetative song that it is.

    As always with my Inu Yasha vids, I must warn you that some of the footage is from the Hong Kong release and is therefore not perfect quality. For some reason the HK DVDs just don't capture well. It looks pretty good though. ^_^

    I tried to hit on as many beats as I could, but as I said, I had limited footage.

    The name of the vid (In case some of you don't know) comes from the fact that Shippo is a fox Yokai child. This species of Yokai are called Kitsune. Hence, Kitsune Kombat.

    Some of you may think the end is weird, so I shall explain. I picked the end clip based on the fact that it shows that, in the end, it was all just a bunch of kids who really couldn't do any damage do each other. That's why this vid is under comedy/action.

    There's only about 2 actual lip synch clips. As for the effects, there are a fair amount. It's all differant color flickers though.

    I hope you like it. ^_^


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