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  • Member: Katsumi_AMVs
  • Title: Armored War
  • Premiered: 2003-11-16
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Droppin' Plates
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  • Comments: YEAH Finally done ^_^

    But first off , sorry for the HUGE file size , that was the better version of this vid , after trying to encode more than 30 times . . . yes I AM terrible with compressing stuffs . . . . ~_~

    And this vid is NOT in any way a remake of my AC_DS , as you can see in the vid descriptions , I'm using footage from more intros off this series , and the AC_DS was a kinda test with game footage , so this is the result that I get , learning things with that vid

    I've planned a lot on what scenes gonna be used in what part
    of the song , but since I had it just intro movies with mechs(lol . . of course)
    was hard to find some scenes to match some lyrics , but ,
    I think that the results aren't so bad . . . . but this is just my opinion ^_~

    And in this vid I'm using a different kind of flash effect to sync beats ,
    tell me what you think about ^_~

    Hey I figured out that I am the first to use this song O_O , wow
    hehe it's a bit funny , and I cut the song (just a few seconds)
    . . . . . hmm read the lyrics :

    Droppin' Plates

    Well here we go again, get up
    A little something for your ear hole, get up
    Bearing a part of my soul again, get up
    Disturbed in the house weíre droppiní plates

    You said it couldnít be done
    Told me that itís the kind of battle that just couldnít be won, you know
    Youíre too sick, too hard, too fucked in the head
    Youíll never make it, no, not in this lifetime
    Well guess again, my friend, donít act surprised
    We got the base drum kick that will blow out your eyes
    ĎCause when you hear this shit, youíll get to steppiní
    Gonna fight the war and use my music as a weapon

    You know Iím talkiní Ďbout
    You know Iím talkiní Ďbout

    Another goddamn slap in the face
    Donít wanna give us a place, are you afraid?
    Well, fear this, Ďcause Iím a breakiní through the walls of your nightmare
    Wake up, time to die!
    The way Iím liviní there is no compromise in it
    Better get ready for another surprise and it
    May leave a mark because Iím a cominí in fast
    Plantiní thoughts in your mind and a droppiní plates on your ass

    Well on your mark, here we go again (hey, yeah, yeah)
    Well never mind Ďcause youíre not the number 1 (oh, yeah, yeah)
    Youíre too hard and from the other side (hey, yeah, yeah)
    I think itís time to bring it home again (right to me) (x2)

    You know Iím talkiní Ďbout
    You know Iím talkiní Ďbout

    Here I come, Iím droppiní plates on your ass (x4)

    Plates on your ass, bitch, plates on your ass
    Well here I come Iím droppiní plates! Iím droppiní plates
    Plates on your ass, bitch, plates on your ass,
    Here I come Iím droppiní plates! Iím a droppiní plates

    Well on your mark, now here we go again, Iím droppiní plates
    I use my music, my weapon, Iím droppiní plates
    Right through the walls of your nightmare, Iím droppiní plates
    Well here we go, weíre droppiní plates

    Thanks to :

    Armored Core online forums members :

    Filter141 - Vid request and , with the song choice and design of the AC Flatline

    Corrupt Legacy - Design of the AC Archon

    **Special thanks** goes to Lightning Count X - Hey Matt ! Thanks for the help
    with the lyrics ^_^

    ENJOY !!

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