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  • Member: Orange Kitten
  • Studio: Orange Kitten Productions
  • Title: Dark Journey
  • Premiered: 2004-05-15
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    • Evanescence Imaginary
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  • Comments: I went for a different artistic approach for this one. I took the Shamanic Princess story and created a twist of my own.

    There is the external conflict between Tiara and Sara, but even deeper than that is the internal struggle between Tiara and what she must do.

    I should probably explain a little about the subtitles and story.
    I included the intro because I didn't think anyone would get the story I wanted to tell.
    The subtitles I added were my own, but in some cases they are really close to what is actually being said. The dialogue is the original Japanese track, but most of them were taken from different parts of the series; I selected pieces that were the right length I wanted.
    I first wrote down what I wanted to say, then selected dialogue to match.
    I wasn't sure if I wanted to use dialogue again in the middle of the video, but I wanted to make sure people knew there was still a story going on.

    Also, some people are mistaking the red flowers for blood. I see how it can look like blood, but just for the record, they are all red flowers. The only blood in the video is when Japolo gets whacked and the quick close up of the bleeding eyes at the end.

    One other thing I'd like to explain are some of the digital effects I used.
    After Tiara gets sucked into the Throne of Yord, I wanted every shot to be filled with flowers (since the chorus is singing "In my field of paper flowers"), but only a couple of the shots actually had flowers. You can tell if you try to look for it, the shots that had the flowers from Shamanic Princess, and the shots with flowers that I added in.
    The shot where Tiara morphs from her schoolgirl outfit into her battle outfit was done by me. I needed to keep continuity in the video; and if I went straight from her schoolgirl outfit into another scene with her other clothes, it wouldn't look right. I needed to have some type of segue sequence.
    I masked two closely matching shots of Tiara in a similar stance, and in After Effects morphed them together. It was the combination of a blur and cross dissolve with a still background.

    A few other scenes have similar effects like that, where you would only notice if you've seen the original series and say "hey, that never happened in the show!"

    Half of the sound effects were taken from sound effect Cds I own as well. The only sound fx that were from Shamanic Princess are when Japolo creates the stasis field and the footsteps. The door opening and when Tiara uses magic in her hand were from my cds.

    I put about 30 hours into this with Final Cut Pro and After Effects including rendering and exporting.

    Here are two screenshots from FCP and AE. The FCP is my completed timeline and the AE is Tiara's morph in the flower fields.

    Final Cut
    After Effects

    Finalist at Anime Expo 2004
    Best Action Video at Ani-Magic 2004

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