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  • Member: Proxy
  • Studio: ZANE Production Group
  • Title: Once In a Lifetime
  • Premiered: 1997-01-01
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    • Sarah Brightman Once in a Lifetime
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  • Comments: This is NOT MY VIDEO - I didn't see a listing for it so I made one -
    ( I love this video, it was the first one I saw. )

    (From His Website)
    After a dismal attempt to go with a humourous side, I decided to switch back into my "helpless romantic" mode. I first got Sarah Brightman's album, "Dive", because of another song "Captain Nemo" which was used in another music video (to Nadia and done by Marc Hariston). After hearing "Once in a Lifetime" on that album, I dumped my original idea for an El-Hazard video and did this one. I think it's got to be one of my best ones.
    And if you are a little more astute, you might pick up the real meaning to the song. If you do, just don't think about it when you're watching the video.
    Debut: Katsucon III

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