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  • Member: Eternal Blue
  • Title: Prayer
  • Premiered: 2003-11-21
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    • Disturbed Prayer
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    UPDATE (11/08/2005): Well, the video is officially 2 years old and it isn't up for download yet. School and work kill me. I'm starting to think I'll never put it up for DL. I've some cool news though.

    This video of mine will be exhibitioned this weekend at YoumaCon 2005 up in Detroit, MI. I'll be there myself since I'm the Asst. Dept. Head of AMV Programming for the con. See you there.



    Oh my dear god! My first time winning anything as far as AMVs are concerned!

    I had numerous comments handed to me at the con when I got there (I could only attend half of the con due to marching band). The lot of them were "great video" comments. I was flattered to be told by someone that they actually were now quite interested in seeing the Animatrix after seeing my AMV!!

    My personal thanks go out to all the people who saw the video at SugoiCon 2003 and congratulated me. I greatly appreciate it.


    This video, or rather the idea...was kind of an accident. I bought the Animatrix the VERY DAY of its release. The next day (I think), while sitting at my desk at home, I was listening to my brother's Disturbed album, Believe, and track #1 (Prayer) happened to be playing. I began to wander my eyes and head around the room and they happened to land on my Animatrix DVD case. I then froze, staring at the DVD...the song was still playing...and it hit me: "Hey...that would work! Yes, that would work PERFECTLY!!" I began production almost right away.

    In this AMV, I fused the story of the the Animatrix together with the lyrics of "Prayer". The song, itself, is about the Book of Job. So, I figured that the lyrics could also portray the hardships and enslavement that the machines had placed on humanity in the Matrix.

    I did about 80% of the video over the summer. I did the rest of the editing during portions of the Fall semester before midterms, and the last week and a half of October so I could meet the deadline for SugoiCon 2003.

    I had to mess with scene usage alot more in this one than I did with "Particle Man". Just to give you an idea of just HOW much I slaved over this thing: 4 days before the SugoiCon deadline, I sat in my dorm room, silent in thought, in front of Premiere, with the Animatrix paused on my PS2 behind me, for an Hour And A Half trying to arrange TWO SECONDS of my video. I didn't want any loose footage in there whatsoever.

    This marks my first time using something other than a cross-dissolve as well! While in the midst of editing, I discovered the Opacity track (aka, Video 2) in Premiere. This made my editing endeavor light years easier as my video now employed three video tracks! There is also one single clip in this video (less than a second long afterwards) that I had to speed up to make it work the way I wanted it to. So, I discovered the ability to speed up a clip's frame rate in Premiere as well. Adobe's frame rate messer-upper isn't very good (it dropped some frames) but I still liked the outcome. I didn't know how else to do it anyway.

    I ultimately decided to leave my video title as "Prayer" simply because I couldn't think of anything better. I really wish I could get a bit more creative with titles, but I guess this one is okay the way it is.

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