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  • Members: J.Alana, Pacman121
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: Piccolo says Good-Bye 2003 Re-edit
  • Premiered: 2003-11-02
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    • Travis Why Does It Always Rain on Me
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  • Comments: The first time I made this video was Feb 2002 and some regard it as my best work ever, however I personally have always hated the episodes used to make the first video. I have been saying for months that the re-edit was a planned video and for months I have been planning this video start to finish to make it better then the original in all aspects.

    I believe that I have done just that. Now, re-edit is not really the word to use here. While the vid is the same as its core, this is a totally different video from the orginal.

    I just hope that you enjoy it. Fans of the original will certainly make this a keeper. This vid is dedicated to all of you who have supported the re-edit of the first Piccolo Says Good-Bye.

    Please enjoy this vid. I will also tell you that the inspiration for ths vid comes from two sources, one for a friend of mine who died many years ago but who's presence is with me everyday of my life. I believe that when friends/loved ones die it is important to always keep them close to our hearts.

    Secondly, I would like to thank Pacman121 who was the one who stuck with me on the re-edit idea from its planning back in April 2003. I would also like to thank Dark Piccolo 420 for inspiring me to do this re-edit. Mystic Kakorot, my webmaster and friend, who has always loved the original video and wanted the re-edit more then anybody. Daio Kaji who's great opinions have given me fire and spirit to make this ten times better then the original and Krillin the Villin my greatest rival and good friend who pushes me everyday to do my best. Lastly, this vid is for all of you. Please enjoy and opinions are welcome and always great to have. I would also like to thank Majin Mebs and NeoGohan because you guys are who inspired me to do vids in the first place.

    Thanks and enjoy

    See ya on the next vid

    Best Regards,


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