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  • Member: tallgeese
  • Title: Enter the Gundams
  • Premiered: 2003-10-30
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    • Inu-Yasha OST Menoumaru Kyouran
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  • Comments: What its holloween? Feels wierd posting this video on the same date as holloween...(am I even spelling it right??? Oh well!) I dont celebrate it but I have wanted to make a video right after my "This is your life" video.

    Brief facts about the video...its short. Only 1:40 with the intro.

    Now the fun facts!!!! The quality is superb!!! Or excellent even for MPEG 1. (I used MPEG and XVID). It is my third DVD - only video. (Please note the intro was used with my junky video capture card...!) The song used is menoumaru kyouran from the Inuyasha soundtrack.

    Well thats all for now detialed facts are listed bellow!

    Also please note that the local download is the HIGH QUALITY Xvid.


    Did I ever mention I like making short videos? You can have so much fun with them even when you dont realize you are. After the short video I did to Rurouni Kenshin - Enter The Wanderer. I just feel in love with the idea of making short videos using the first episode from the series. (Since normally the first episode of a series has to have something to catch your attention.)

    After my "This is your life" video I had learned so much about video editing I could almost explode. I was very anxious to try it out again...but I didnt want to do it to another 4 minute song. Then came my revelation....another short video! But to what? And to what Anime?

    Obviously I realized I needed to employ the use of my limited DVD collection. (I am just a poor rurouni that I am) After browsing through it all...I discovered Gundam Wing DVD's....(not the entire set mind you) and said why not the first episode of it? So for me then it was like okay I have the first what song am I going to use to make one episode of Gundam Wing look like the greating darn episode of Gundam ever made!?!?!?!?!?

    I asked people questions for short songs...I asked people for general ideas on some songs that I first I thought a song from Gundam Wing would be cool...! But that idea meted pretty quickly with what I wanted to do. I looked through my shorted mp3 collection...(they are out to get me) and found menoumaru kyouran (which is a song from Inuyasha). After listening to the song several times the video began to fit automatically...!

    Breakdown of the video...After listening to the song (I really like this song) I developed a strategy seemingly overnight on how I wanted to create it and make it look. The Introduction wasnt hard at fact it was from an old project so it just came together like glue. (Even though it looks like was good enough for me!!!)

    Alright first of we have the boom of the orchestra! In which Gunam W logo comes up (fitting I thought). But no the madness didnt end there...with the beat and flow of the music I was able to transittion it together. (Since the song has a constant flow of music that says "transist me") The beginning plot is obvious everybody going to earth. Followed by the Gundams and then their pilots and then thier Gundams IN ORDER OF WHICH THEY ARRIVED!!!! Then we show the mags (why is this in there...well to show that they are part of the resistance of course) followed by the 4 gundams in order again. Enter the Civilians...Releena and Dorlin. Not a big part but gives you the idea they are part of the story. The next wave of musical cord introduces us to the natorious OZ Treize and Zechs!!!!! (And a little how Heero ties into them too). Planet earth in VR!!! Or is it OZ planning to capture one of the Gundams....yup it sure is...the following is a fight betwen Heero and Zechs in the atmosphere...then Heero destroying to pursueing Aires. Then Zechs finishing the fight!!! Then I show what happens to both of them (Zechs rescued via plane Heero down by the shoreline). Then ha ha he is in school and alive...after that I show some more ties that he has with Releena and End it should be done.

    Thats it...WHOA thats a lot of stuff for a song that was only just over a minute!!!!!

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