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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: Love out of the Blue - A Chibiusa/Helios Special
  • Premiered: 2001-06-26
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    • Elton John Someday out of the Blue
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  • Comments: The name says it all. This video alone almost took 6-7 months, mainly because I put it on hold. I could've deleted the project, but I didn't. Thank god I didn't. The idea hit when, once again, I listened to music, and watched Toonami at once. It was around this time that Season 4 of Sailor Moon was playing, and it was during the first minute or so of the first episode of Season 4 really gave me inspiration. So first I found footage like it, but when I ran out, I left it for awhile. Then I asked my friend Zogg( to capture a couple of scenes, and later when I acquired my own capture card, started to capture the scenes needed. In the end, you got this video. At this time, it's personally my best video made thus far.

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