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  • Member: Maradydd
  • Studio: Inertial Fallacy Productions
  • Title: All Your EVA Are Belong To Us
  • Premiered: 2003-10-29
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    • OverClocked Remixes All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Zero Wing dub)
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  • Comments: I realise this is The Video That Didn't Need To Happen, given that it's (a) an Evangelion video, and (b) an All Your Base spinoff, and AYB was old about five minutes after its birth. However, this was my first foray into serious lipsynching and greenscreen effects, and I had so much fun making it that I figured I'd finish and share it.

    The source quality varies a bit, as I started this video back when all I had were the AD Vision VHS dubs, and I'd done enough synching with the captured footage that I really didn't want to go back and remaster from DVD rips. I suppose if I were submitting this to a con I would, but I'm not, so it's irrelevant. ^_^;;

    Dept. of Credit Where Credit Is Due: The voiceovers and background music are all the work of the good folks at I added a couple of small sound effects (the klaxon and explosion), which I grabbed from some sound archive on the 'net so long ago I don't have a link available any more. Sorry. :( And the bumper music is from Eva, of course.

    Okay, enough yammering. I hope it makes you laugh. :)

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