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  • Member: Majin Steve87
  • Title: Cooler on the floor
  • Premiered: 2003-10-26
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    • Nickleback Flat on the Floor
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  • Comments: Hello,
    I made this vid in front of doing a simple action video and it comes out great! :)
    The reason why I made this one is I've seen an amv made by Majin Prince Trunks of with the song Flat on the Floor performed by Nickelback! When I saw it the first time I really liked the music ond the timing of the vid, so I decided to a vid just like this!
    The theme is the fight between Cooler and Goku! I decided to choose this one because it was the first dbz movie I've seen and I really liked it because Cooler is kicking asses!
    So now let us come to the editing work. I spend a lot of time and effort into this one, I think this one took me one week, but I didn't spend every second of this week on this one I think it could be 18 or 19 hours of work! It is a long time for a vid wich has a duration of just 2:11 minutes!!
    I used, as usual, Ulead Video Studio 6 and Adobe Premiere 6 for the editing work!!
    Overall I think this one is my best dbz vid thus far is timing and quality is very good, so check out this one!
    Please submit your opinions!

    Thanks,have fun and enjoy
    Majin Steve87

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