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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: N. G. Silver & Friends Productions
  • Title: Apocalyptic Silence
  • Premiered: 2003-10-21
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  • Song:
    • Sarah McLachlan Silence
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  • Comments: Ok, this video was made as a preview for X TV. It was intended to be shown a week before the anime would be shown at the club. While searching for music to use (I tried to find a copy of eX-Dream) I came to the song that I ultametly chose for the project. It was a 6+ min song, about 2 mins longer then what I typically look for in order to do a preview, but the song worked so well with the anime. Needless to say I also felt that the anime also deserved a little more then a simple preview in order to get the true feeling of the anime across to our members.

    And so I took up my most ambitious project ever. Make a preview video for an anime, using subtitled footage, a longer song, don't include subtitles, and make it good enough to place into competition at SugoiCon. But here's the ringer. I had to do all of this, including the video capture (at 1x speed) and the painstakingly hard subtitle-less clip cutting, in 4 days (half of that time spent sleeping or at work). Just to give you an idea how dificult this actually is, I normally spend about 1 month making a video. (however the Iria video took about 6 from conception to the finished project) My busy work/school work/club schedule allows for little time to give to making videos.

    However, all of that aside, I must say I am extremely happy with the turn out of the video. The editing and clip selection worked well with the mood and feel of the song itself. The use of built-in transitions and some transitions of my own creation made the video look much more polished then my older videos. The quality of the footage was top notch and the song is loud and understandable (neighter have been lossed through compression). It is by no means up to par with some of the videos I have seen recently, but it is by far my best video YET!

    This video competed at Sugoi-con 2003. However, it didn't win anything. It was however known as "The LONG one" by the contest coodinator. It is currently a AMV Distro exclusive download until I can make a higher quality version to upload to the local server.

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