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  • Member: Kaji01
  • Title: The Number of the EVA
  • Premiered: 2003-10-12
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    • Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
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  • Comments: Update 10/17/08: This video is currently in the process of being remastered and updated, the new version should hopefully be up in the next couple weeks.

    I was thinking about ways I could use Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast" outside of doing a Hellsing video and the thought of doing an EVA video came to mind. After some initial experimentation with putting clips together I found that the idea worked pretty well and continued working on it. I set out to try to create THE essential Eva video with this one, and while it's no "Engel", I am very much satisfied with the result.

    I'm going to warn people up front before downloading, there are MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS in the video, so if you're among the 2% of the anime community that hasn't seen Evangelion and you care about spoilers then you may want to wait on this video.

    The video is primarily taken from Shinji's perspective, using Unit-01 as the Beast and Gendou as Satan. The rest of the video should be fairly self explanatory once you get going. The video basically tells the story of the events of NGE within this framework.

    Hope you enjoy the video!

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