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  • Member: tallgeese
  • Title: This is your life
  • Premiered: 2003-10-09
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    • Switchfoot This is your life
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  • Comments: Good evening to everyone! At last I have finished my second DVD only encoded video. The hours I put in on this video was probably just over 20-30. I am including studying of codecs and video effects. I took some extra time to full around with some more transitions although I didnt decide on any of them.

    A brief description about the video as I said it is my second DVD only video. My first try at Samurai X (Not Rurouni Kenshin). Also the is the Directors Cut (A version of Samurai X that contains an added scene) of the I took the liberty of adding footage that most people dont see in Samurai X vids.

    I dedicate this video to my friends.

    Thats the basic jist anyone who wants to read more detialed version as to song choice and so on can read everything below the stars.




    I first watched Samurai X (a stolen version from Kazaa I admit) just before (like half a day) a huge crisis in my life occured. The person I lost was very dear to me.... That in a brief nutshell is how I came to love Samurai X. That however wasnt enough...I wanted to make a video of Samurai X but I didnt want it to be stereo typical.

    My quest for the perfect song lasted quite a while. I had thought of "Somewhere I belong" by Linkin Park...but once again that would just appear too stereo typical. Several other songs crossed my mind...but nothing final. Until one late night on the way home from a concert my youth pastor played Switchfoot - This is your life. My search had added...

    By the time I had found the song I had already bought the DVD (HA so I DO SUPPORT ANIME DVD IN USA!!!!!) but there was in issue of incompatibility. From there I was driven up the wall for several more weeks. Until at last I found a proper video Driver and DVD player compatible with Win2k!!!!

    From here the ripping of the DVD took place...and I must say it was nice to be able to do that. However I wanted to have the potential for unsurpased quality. So before I began encoding I began a massive research to discover the best codecs and converting methods. In which I found the Huffyuv codec. That codec combined with my new machine (that most importantly had a HUGE HD) my video began to take shape. (Look for a high quality Xvid soon).

    I didnt run into any major issues along the way of video development. From here I just proceeded to have as much fun as I possibly could. Their were times working on the video would be hard for personal reasons. But thats all said and done now.

    Finally I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I know that he is the only reason I was allowed to finish this video. Keep your heart open while you watch the video. You deserve the chance to believe on him. If you go to and then click on Plan of Salvation you can find out how. Give Jesus the chance that I did. He will not let you down.

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