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  • Member: Cole
  • Title: The Wolf Who Shot Liberty Vash
  • Premiered: 2003-10-05
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    • James Taylor The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
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  • Comments: Couple comments on the video:

    First off, this is a totally original theme, I just wanted to get that out of the way for the three or four of you who've never seen Trigun. I don't want you thinking Vash is a villian, or that he dies. I just twisted it all up to match with James Taylor's rendition of Liberty Valance.

    The hardest part was synching the action (duh). First I arranged all my captured sequences into a storyline to match up with the lyrics. Next, I did my best to get all the gunshots in the video to hit in time with the beat (I think that came out nicely). I'll let you be the judge on my use of red-out transitions. I was going for KILL, BLOODY KILL when I moved between Vash and ole' Nicky Wolfwood. Oh, and for the three or four of you who haven't seen the show, the guy Vash takes out half-way through the video is a sheriff (I should have gotten a close up of his badge or something), so keep that in mind and tell yourself how horrible and evil Vash is. Also in that sequence, I had changed a couple things. Originally, I had the sheriff falling with the words "men would fall", but to do that I had to cut the scene where he took a shot at Vash's face. I didn't wanna' do that, so sue me now that the lyrics don't match up exactly with the footage in that spot.

    The part I had the most difficulty with was the ending. I couldn't come up with a cool way to end the video, so if you find it kinda' weak, my apologies. Firstly, in my rough edit, I had a 40 second gunfight between Vash and Wolfwood, all spliced together pretty darn good from various episodes. Unfortunately, I had to 86 that whole sequence because the lyrics don't allow for a drawn-out gun battle. Secondly, the ass-end of the song was pure instrumental, so I shaved about 35 seconds off of that using Creative Wave Studio.

    I had already used all the decent footage of Wolfwood and Milly that I could find to insinuate a more lasting romance between the two, so that didn't pan out. Then I tried using a scene of one of Vash's famous "I spilled tomato sauce on myself and you thought you had shot me" gimmicks. But I didn't want any humorous things in the video, since I was portraying Vash as a brutal, take-no crap outlaw gunslinger. So I finally decided to end the scene with Vash walking off into the sunset after the gunfight, figuring I can get away with that. After all, the song is "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", not "The Man Who Actually Killed the Bastard".

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