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  • Member: doughboy
  • Studio: Spooner St Studios
  • Title: NES Project Track 04 (Zanac Space Dance)
  • Premiered: 2003-10-04
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    • Insomnic Zanac Space Dance
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  • Comments: Worth Noting:

    1) first completed/released video in 1 and 1/2 years
    2) first completed video edited in Premiere, and manipulated with in After Effects
    3) first instrumental and dance video
    4) most organized and planned project to date
    5) likely last video edited in 29.97 (if I can help it)

    General Comments:

    This video was completed specifically for the NES Project 2003. I think I got this track because no one else requested it and I knew it would make for a fun video, though I knew full well it'd be a pain in the ass to do it right. I'd never heard of Zanac before starting this Project, so as soon as I found out it was an overhead shooter, Nadesico was the only DVD series I had in full that had a ship and also got "upgrades" during the series. I think the mix worked out well, plenty of action, some silliness, and tons of animated composite shots.

    The original version (on NES Project DVD and at AWA 2003) was made in the span of a month and 1/2, 75% of which I was unemployed.
    I used some older headphones that I knew were on their way out, but didn't realize how bad they were till the night I uploaded it to the Project and watched it on a couple different systems. I was suddenly made aware that I missed quite a few beats, and that my timing in some cases was just barely acceptable. It still turned out decent enough, especially given how fast I made it, and the lack
    of time I had to spend on all the effects I was able to put in.

    For this release, I cleaned up some of the sloppier edits, and fixed 2 of the Zanac composites that bothered me the most. I also added another sprite explosion during the sequence where the ship got shot down, something I just came up with when I reopened the Timeline after being away from it for so long. I would like to add more, but there's only so much I can add to it during the free time I currently have.

    I had a lot of fun making this video, and still enjoyed cleaning it up for Internet release. There are a lot of things I did to it that I don't like, but that just makes this video a wonderful learning experience for next time. I'm also not likely touching After Effects for a video any time this year, I just really wanted to break it out after completing my Animation Degree this past May.

    I hope you are somewhat amused by this video, everyone who's mentioned it in person seems to like it far more than I do... something I'm used to. ;P


    Nadesico was a series that was plagued with the ever-lovable "Gainax effect." This means that frames warp constantly, all cuts feature burn and streak marks at either the top or bottom of the frames, and dust marks/ scratches occur frequently. I did my best to leave out what I could, but there are cases in which I left a few in for novelty, and because I absolutely needed the animation from a damaged frame.

    Many of the composites were done with extreme haste, so they aren't the best they could be. I actually learned how not to do them (by doing them the way that I did do them), so with this video I can do them correctly next time. I tried my best for the Final release to warp some of the composites along with the warps in the video, but it'd be impossible to do them flawlessly without completely redoing the video.

    I cut 30 sec out of the actual music track. No one ever pointed that out to me, so I guess it isn't too noticeable. I just didn't feel like doing the same thing twice, especially since what repeats was the hardest thing to come up with the first time. It was also the best part of the video, action-wise, so repeating it would take away from all the effort spent on the big stompy robots blowing everything up. ;)


    Last Minute:

    I just noticed today (10/7/03) that I forgot to export the beginning sequence with the overlaying intro text. I'm quite pissed, but oh well... doesn't add anything other than relevant information.


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