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  • Member: Atarashii Hito
  • Title: DDR Project 4th Mix Track 35: Get Me In Your Sight ~AMD Cancun Mix~
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • Symphonic Defoggers with 1479 Get Me In Your Sight ~AMD Cancun Mix~
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  • Comments: This one was interesting. First multi-creator video I've ever done. Let me just first say the DDR Project was an excellent one to be apart of. It was definetly a new challenge for me.

    I was one of the lottery editors given about 5 or 6 tracks to choose from and edit a video to. I absolutely love DDR(have for about 2 years) and especially love 4th Mix. When I saw what track I had to choose from, I was enthusiastic, but a little down to say the least. But, after listening to this track, I thought "Wow, this has to be the worst song ever, THIS HAS TO BE MY TRACK". The ideas for it followed quickly after that.

    I hope people enjoy this little portion of the DDR Project. I honestly tried to do my best given with what I had to work with. Hopefully if I get on this project again, hopefully I can get a better track to work with...

    Info About DDRProject: DDR project is a massive collaborative project in which editors make a video to an individual track from a long, non-stop mix of songs. Because the entire mix is continuous, each track in the mix cut off so it could be blended together with the other 40-odd videos in the mix. So sorry for the sudden start/stop, its this way because it needed to be.

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