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  • Member: Inuyasha666
  • Studio: Inuyasha666 Productions
  • Title: Slayers-Awaken Your Fear
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Disturbed Fear
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I just bought the Slayers DVD Collection and I wanted to make a music video based around Rezo, Copy Rezo, and Shabranigdo. Basically, I had a writer\'s block figuring out what song I should use. I decided to use the song, Fear by Disturbed, cause their one of my favorite bands, plus I knew from the start, this would be an action video. I did several scenes that has lip syncing, which made my video pretty cool to me, and near the end the song goes pretty well to most of the scenes, especially when they are all fighting Copy Rezo. I know this isn\'t the best video in the world and there\'s barely and special effects at all, though they weren\'t needed, but please watch my video and give me comments on it of what u really think. This is the first Slayers AMV I\'ve made. Well, enjoy.

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