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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: Piccolo's Might - Complete Version
  • Premiered: 2001-08-05
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    • Megumi Hayashibara Give a Reason
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  • Comments: Remake of Video #7

    I originally created this video as 2 parts back in 1999. As soon as the Freeza DVDs came out, I had the footage I needed to remake this video.

    The video is based on the theme of the Piccolo vs. Freeza fight and it kind of helps to know about DBZ before watching this video.

    Pros: I edited this one alot better than the original. I timed more of the beats and added better and more interesting scenes during the slow parts.

    Cons: I did insert a few of the voices from the show here because in the original I put in the talking parts without the voices and usually having talking in a video makes it look awkward so I decided to add in the voices to make the talking parts more interesting. Unfortunately, the result was almost no different than the original version. I put in one of Piccolo's worst lines from the US dub and forgot to lower the volume. I've been getting a bunch of mixed reviews over the voices and it seems to be 50/50 with the people who saw this. Some like the voices in it and some don't.

    This was my first attempt of a remake of one of my older vids and needless to say this wasn't really one of my favorite videos that I've made. I tried to experiment with the voices and it turned out to be a big disaster. Some of the action just seemed a bit to subtle and slow as well. Sadly this was my first attempt at using Tmpeg and the sound is a bit garbled.

    I plan on redoing this video AGAIN since I'm not too happy with the encode. I WILL get rid of the voices for the FINAL remake.

    I recommend this video to fans of the Green Guy :)

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