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  • Member: SS5_Majin_Bebi
  • Studio: Insanity Cheese Productions
  • Title: X-Outside-Perchance To Dream
  • Premiered: 2003-08-26
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  • Song:
    • Staind Outside
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  • Comments: This is the exact same video that I put up under the same name, but the former version didn't work for alot of people (strnge errors that I weren't getting, looked like bad encoding, but I think it was actually bad DEcoding)

    Anyway, I got Phade to remove that one so I could put this one up, I am putting it up.

    I'l go briefly through it again, for all of you who didn't get a chance to see the original bio before it was removed. It's a music video using the song "Outside" by Staind, and the anime series X (TV Series). Its a bit of a spoiler video, but I just told you that so don't bitch at me about it because I'll just tell you to piss off. I used fansub material, as the DVDs aren't available to me yet, but I cleaned it up a fair bit using a combination of AVISynth, VirtualDub, cropping filters, and SmartSmooth and SmartSharpen. The final product is a fair bit "cleaner" than the source, but is in no way DVD qual. I'd put it at very good VHS capture qual. Unfortunately the framerate had a disagreement with Premiere, and I'm not versed enough in editing to be able to correct this. Basically it was 23.976 fps and premiere was refusing to do anything properly unless I edited it as 24fps. Its not a huge problem, it just means here and there theres a little jerkiness. Its fairly insignificant I think though.

    The file format is mpeg1, and its about 45 mb in size. The XviD version was 25 and slightly better qual, but as I said before its unusable to all except moi.

    The video itself is about Kamui, his "realtionship" with Fuma (before and after Fuma becomes Dark Kamui) and the trials he must go through. Its portrayed as if he were having a prophetic dream, and begins and ends with scenes of him sleeping in a tree, and then waking to reflect on what he's just dreamt.

    Update - 5:20pm 16th September - Just watched my own vid on the computers here at TAFE (College for all you americans) and I have to say if you can, watch this video on an LCD monitor. It really shows what a good job I did getting decent quality out of video that originally looked like complete ASS.

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