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  • Member: turboneko
  • Studio: Turboneko Studio
  • Title: DDR Project 4th Mix, Track 05: Love Again Tonight
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • Naoki feat. Paula Terry Love Again Tonight ~ For Melissa MIX
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    This video is part of the DDR Project 3, a full hour non stop music video. The fadings at the beginning and at the end (where the video was mixed with the previous and the next) are both intended.


    For DDR Project 3, after listening to all the 4th mix I decided that I wanted to make a serious Ayashi no Ceres video with "In the Heat of the Night". When it came the time of the track selection, that one was already chosen... so I had to go with plan B ^_^;

    I picked "Love Again Tonight" because it was the closest match to what I had in mind: a serious / romance video between Aya and Toya. Actually the very first draft was a love story about Miaka and Tasuki (please don't steal the idea, I still have to make it :p), but I wanted to use an anime that was never used before in the DDR (and it looked more fitting than FY anyway :p)

    Now, on the video.

    I noticed that this year a lot of people went after crazy videos with a lot of special effects (Marco included :p)... so I felt a little bad in making such a simple, non-flashy, linear AMV. On the other end the song didn't give me much room in this sense: Love Again Tonight is not really something you could do cheesy-bouncy effects with ^_^;

    To be honest, in the middle of the process of creating this video I did regret my choice a little bit... I learned that doing a serious video which is ALSO fast paced and interesting enough for the DDR audience is really tough.

    In retrospective, I am not 100% satisfied with it... but I hope it's good enough for all of you to enjoy! ^_^

    - Cristina

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