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  • Member: Mirai MM
  • Studio: Dragonworld Z
  • Title: Takoyaki Tumble
  • Premiered: 2003-09-14
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Furi Kuri OST Comedian's Gallop
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Music Video Information: MPEG encoded 352x240, 2-pass variable bitrate (3000 max, 2000 avg, 300 min), 44 kHz 192 kb/s stereo
    Programs: Adobe Premiere RT 5.1, TMPGEnc, Real Producer, AVISynth, Virtualdub, DVD2AVI
    Time Spent: Approximately 20 hours

    This video isn't anything special when it comes to editing and effects. The main reason I created this video was because I have recently acquired a DVD-Rom Drive and rather than tearing into some massively huge project, I figure I'd start with something small and simple, not involving deep amounts of editing to see if I can produce decent quality music videos finally.

    This video is based entirely off of the animation short "Leave It To Kero" featured at the end of the Second Cardcaptor Sakura movie. For those who aren't aware of what it is, Kero and Suppi fight over a piece of battered octopus, known as Takoyaki. At some point during the show, the takoyaki they're chasing gets replaced with a superball, and much chaos ensues, as you'll see if/when you download the video. Another thing to know about Suppi, he gets "drunk" when eating sweet stuff, so that helps clarify the central part of the video a bit.

    There's not really a lot to this music video. I tried to keep the scene changes with the music while every so often having the superball, or other action parts flow with the music, such as around the 0:40 second mark with the car peeling out and again at 0:55 with the hydro wire like the drum beats. The only really difficult editing to this video was repeating a lot of frames in fast sequence to go with the song, which happens at several points in the music video.

    While this video is simplistic, it's something I did want to create at some point during my AMV career. For a while, I had lost my Furi Kuri OST, so I was unable to make a clean rip of the song until I was nearly done with the video and was moving back to university, and it magically appeared amongst my crapload of stuff. I hope you have fun watching this video. I know I had fun creating it.

    For those of you who download the RealMedia files of my music videos, all my videos from now on will not have a RealMedia option. In my editing techniques, there is no point where I can use RealProducer to give me a smaller quality file, so if you want to see my video, MPEG or nothing!

    Huge thanks for this video go out to VegettoEx and Meri who helped me with my millions of coding and ripping problems. This video wouldn't be done without their help ^_^

    The local download is much faster, so if you're a member of, go for the local download rather than the one off of my website. If you aren't a member, you must right click on the direct download link to download my video.

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