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  • Members: J.Alana, Pacman121
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: Trunks Returns to the Future
  • Premiered: 2001-12-15
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  • Song:
    • A3 Woke Up This Morning
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  • Comments: I was sitting around doing nothing and I had a thought. Why not show you one of my earlier vids? Way back when I first started doing all of this, I didn\'t know anything...not a thing. I had to learn on my own, as many of you did.

    However I have to tell you that all though this was this was the second vid I did, I really like it, even to this day. Trunks Returns to the Future was also one of our \"sleeper\" vids. Meaning that at first it wasn\'t a popular downloads but as more and more people saw it, its popularity grew later. Even now it remains to be a vid that many find to be enjoyable.

    Why? Well for one thing it has Trunks kicking some Android and Cell butt. For another it has the theme song from the Sopranos and being I am from New York we can just say \"foggetboutit.\" lol.

    For me this vid was a royal pain in the ASS. Why? Well when I first started it in October 2001, it took me over a month to save. For some reason there was a problem with one of the scenes that wmm hated. This was also before I had Adobe Premiere and wmm2. In essence, this was when I was a newbie, or as we affectionately refer to them on mx as \"noobs.\"

    So enjoy Trunks kicking some butt and a great tune which also happen to be the theme song from the Sopranos.

    Just call him Trunks Soprano. lol

    Hey that has a nice ring to it, doesn\'t it? Nah, it would never work.

    Enjoy and see ya on the next vid.


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