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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: Cowboy Bebop Toonami Trailer
  • Premiered: 2001-08-05
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    • Toonami 2nd Coming
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  • Comments: Video #44

    Since Cowboy Bebop is going to air on the toonami adult swim, I made my own trailer for it. The funny thing is when I showed this video to some people, they thought it was a real Toonami trailer! If you want to sample some of Cowboy Bebop, download this vid.

    This idea was inspired from Skitz of former fame. He started making some awesome DBZ ones so I'm not going to even tamper with DBZ for future videos like this.

    This one was pretty simple to make and was alot of fun. I wanted to at least show clips of all the major characters (good guys mostly). My favorite part's when Spike and Jet tilt their heads back, hehe....

    The quality is pretty decent but not too good since this was the LAST video I encoded with Xing before using Tmpeg.

    And yes... mine is the original version. EvilVegettoZ made his after seeing mine :P

    Thanks to Tyler of Toonami Arsenal - - for hosting this.

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