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  • Members: J.Alana, Pacman121
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Premiered: 2003-09-01
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    • Saliva Rest in Pieces
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  • Comments: Okay, folks. I finally did it! After two years of making vids (primarily DBZ Music Videos) I went ahead and finally made a NON DBZ AMV. My friend Krillin the Vilin has been after me for a year to do an AMV. "J," he said, ", whatcha gonna do when the interest in DBZ dies?" I joked and said, "I dunno. Retire and go on vacation? Maybe have a rugrat?"

    Well, after a year of wondering whether or not I should stray from DBZ...I have made Inuyasha: Rest in Pieces. As you see in my favorite anime list, Inuyasha is one of my favs. I started watching it on Adult Swim where I discovered Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. Now as I am discovering new animes I thought: "it might be fun to make an amv." So I embarked on a secret project not even telling my partner Pac until it was done. Pac was the first to see this video. I sent him the first prototype and then showed it to Krillin second, since Krillin has been nagging for me for about a year to make a NON DBZ AMV.

    I gave my buds on Winmx and IRC first crack at this AMV and now I'd like to show it to you.

    I have to give credit to Dark Piccolo for letting hear Saliva's new song "Rest in Pieces." I think its one of their best yet, second to Click Click Boom.

    This vid is for any die hard Inuyasha fan who loves the romantic banter between Inuyasha and Kagome even though deep down we know that Inuyasha really loves her and she loves him equally. When a friend of mine let me see Inuyasha the Movie I had an idea in mind for a video but I wasn't sure of the song.

    When my good friend Dark Piccolo gave the new Saliva song as a gift, I had the perfect song for ths vid.

    I also experimented in this vid, using still images to supplement moving video but making it seem like it was moving video. I also tried a new camera trick you might enjoy early on in the vid combining the web strobe effect with short of a little shake to the scene combined with different scene angles. Its similar to the effect I used in "Gohan Pour Some Sugar on Me" but slightly different.

    Anyway I hope that you enjoy this vid.

    Thanks to everyone who has given me opinions. Opinions are always wonderful to receive and help us all grow in this medium. I have taken your suggestions to heart and thank you sincerely for your comments.

    One last thing, yes, the credits are a little long. Stop the vid if you don't want to see them. The long credits are a Winmx tradition that most vid creators seem to practice. You see, we don't do it to annoy you. We do it to give credo and thanks to those who have always supported us.

    Now with that said, enjoy Inuyasha: Rest in Pieces.

    See ya on the next vid.

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