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  • Member: LightningCountX
  • Studio: LightningCountX Productions
  • Title: A Cowboy's Darkness
  • Premiered: 2003-09-10
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  • Song:
    • Rammstein sonne
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  • Comments: A Cowboy's Darkness

    Well, this is my first video using a DVD ROM! I finnally got one, and I ripped Cowboy Bebop the Movie, but I wasn\'t sure what song would go with it....I was watching this really horrible movie Feardotcom, and when the killer attacked a girl they played Rammstein - Sonne in the backround. I was like HOLY SHIT THERES THE SONG I WANT! The song went pretty well with the movie, and I enjoyed making this video until I downloaded a codec pack that ganked my Windows Movie Maker. Everytime i added a clip, it would gimme the error report screen...I found the dlls for the codecs and deleted them, and finished up my video. I would of had this video done yesterday, but my mother was drunk, and she is an angry drunk, and she kicked me off my comp....So, Im finnally done with the vid, and i am pleased. I still have to read the guidelines about ripping DVD\'s, i still need some work with it, but its not as bad as downloaded footage...

    I hope you all enjoy the video! ^_^

    ****Software Used****

    DVD Decrypter
    Windows Movie Maker 2.0

    Enjoy the show!


    If you have Divx 5 or up, the divx watermark pops up! So it isnt my fault!

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