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  • Member: requiett
  • Title: Lying from Tetsuo
  • Premiered: 2003-09-09
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    • Linkin Park Lying From You
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  • Comments: What?? You mean to tell me Linkin Park has been used before in an AMV?? Putting that matter aside, I wanted to make this as good as possible. I loaded this baby up with lip-synching, I tried to use only Tetsuo as much as possible, since I wanted him to be singing the lyrics. In the movie, Tetsuo let himself be taken by Akira's power, and it overcame him in the end. That's why Akira appears at the very end of the video. The very worst part of Tetsuo becomes Akira. Tetsuo runs from his friend, Kaneda, out of pride. He doesn't realize until the end that he really needs Kaneda to look out for him, but it's too late, and Tetsuo's body pulls Kaneda into the other dimension. Kaneda hears the voice of someone who still needs him, and Tetsuo decides to let Kaneda go after all. That's really what the AMV is supposed to signify, concentrating mostly on Tetsuo. It's great to see how well the emotions of the song are captured in Tetsuo's rage and grief. It's like you can feel the song by seeing him sing the words. It gives the feeling of watching a real music video, and that's what I loved most about doing this one. Of course, I couldn't find all the footage from a 2 hour movie to make Tetsuo sing all of the words, so I added some high-intensity scenes to show more of the conflict that occurs between Kaneda, Tetsuo, and his strange new abilities. There are a few digital effects added, but not a whole lot. I added a few repeating parts to synch with the record scratches, and flashes of light surrounding the final scenes. Nothing fancy. Anyhow, I hope you have as much fun watching it, as I did making it. Let me know what you think.

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