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  • Member: dji
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: Haruko Swirl
  • Premiered: 2003-08-28
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  • Song:
    • Tori Amos Raspberry Swirl
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  • Comments: What to say about this video.. well orginally this idea was spur of the moment. Prior to completing this video, I originally started working on another AMV project. Then Otakon came around and I needed to get all the J-Rock and J-Pop digisubbbing and Red-Apple parodies done for Otakon 2003. Then I also ended up working on a very large project that required me to construct essentially a 20 minute AMV for a library presentation this anime club I am involved with (and it wasn't even my presentation being presented, I just helped with this visual and audio backdrop; hence the 20 minute AMV). Oh, then I also ended up helping with Otakon 2003 this year with all the video slate openings, closings, ids and such for the AMV contest. Yeah it wouldn't seem like it, but me and Matt Pyson took way too long into the late hours constructing and perfecting those musical video slates for the contest.

    So all that rambling was to tell you that this video was never really planned to happen. I started one idea that orignally intended for last years AWA Pro contest (2002), but didn't have the footage so I never started the project; Personal Jesus (I'm uploading this AMV next).

    Then this year came around and my PC blew up.. while I was starting on another AMV project (not Personal Jesus), so I slacked off like till about May.. and by that time it was too late to enter anything new into the Otakon 2003 AMV contenst. Then I did all the stuff mentioned above plus some.. and then realized that I needed to do a "warm-up project" to get myself back into the editing mood.

    So after all that... I had already had my AV drives filled up with the capture footage from FLCL project I was previously working on (Personal Jesus), and heard the song "Raspberry Swirl" while driving in the car one day, and it seem to have the right energy to get me motivated so I took on the random project idea. It was an idea that I did not intend to spend more then 3 days on, but ended up spedning more then 3 days on it; but overall less then a week. I prefer not to gloat on how long it actually took me, since it's not how long it takes you to get the project done, it's just all about the project.

    Um one thing to point out.. the flashy-light changes and flickers are intended. If any of you know my videos, I always give myself a challenge/test in my videos to work out. The challenge here for me was to inticpate and account for a whole new level of synchronization. Essentially the flickerly light-flashes are there to suggest the inticpation of contact (like touch) with another (or something), or the contact with another and the emotinal thinking the character might have/had at that moment in the scene.. From the perspective of the character you're lookng at; or from the perspective of the character you're seeing through their eyes.

    I know you're saying, WTF? how am I supposed to know or guess all that? and the answer is you're not.. I was just making a whole new level of re-watch value for myself. All the moments of our watching and thinking about the characters is important too.. why not try to suggest a way to account for that. Essentially, I was trying to account for the "implied thinking and feelings" of the AMV.. at least what my thinking was on this subject.

    Okay.. yeah yeah.. no one will get it.. well you're right, it was just for me.. but I put it there to be factor in the video, as well it gave me a chance to go back to my real ancient editing roots, and make an effort to start really using After Effects again. So 97% of all the effects were done in Premiere directly, and the rest was done on After Effects. To point out, there are a few scenes not real that I constructed for the Personal Jesus video that I resurrected for this video. Also, I color corrected a whole lot of this video.. so if you re-watch the video and you realize that something is off color "raspberry color" looking, I did that on purpose. In fact there's a lot of subtle-ties to this video like that.. not really meant for you to notice, but there for me and to make the video seem more coherent and consistent.

    The curtain you see in the beginning is from the orignal music video. Since this video idea was to be a very short (number of days and effort spending) video, I didn't spend much time looking for the orignal Raspberry Swirl music video source. I did however have the video as a crappy compressed .mov file of the original music video. So the curtains are from the orignal video; plus Tori makes a few brief background flashes in the beginning of the video. One day I'll find good source of the orignal music video, and replace the footage in the AMV with the better quality source.

    Okay enough chatter about this video. I liked how it turned out. The understanding or concept of this video might only make sense to you if you understand the true meaning of the metaphor of a "raspberry swirl" that Tori Amos is suggestively singing about.. and if you understand the relationships between the characters. Since this AMV was never intended meant to be anything great, I didn't really take any time or make any real attempt at trying to editing in a visual story for someone who's never seen FLCL.

    In other words, I'm trying to say.. if you don't understand this video, and you've never seen FLCL, I won't be offended. In fact if you have seen FLCL, I still won't be offended. =) Well thanks for reading my ramblings this far. Now go download the video! Oh it's only availble right now in crappy MPEG-1 format. Maybe later I'll make a DivX or Xvid file for download.

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