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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: Under Control
  • Premiered: 2003-09-08
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  • Song:
    • C.W. McCall Lewis and Clark
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    SH video #80 marks a radical departure from the normal definition of a Shin Hats work, in that it uses country music and largely 'runs' on attempted lipsynch. In other words, it looks more like other comedy vids on this site than anything SH has done. I've learned my lesson, and I'm going back to metal.

    There are a lot of effects in this video, probably more than there strictly need to be, but that's really still neither here nor there. The lipsynch is okay in some parts, but pretty krunky in some others. If this was something more than a fun less-than-serious outing with C.W. McCall, I might have gone back and tried to frame-for-frame the lipsynch bits like I did with #60 and #68.

    Shin Hats Self Grade: B-/C+. Decent if you don't have your expectations set too high, and funny in parts as well.
    Stats: #clips: 75. avg length: 1.92 sec. total time: 15 hours.

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