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  • Member: RedFusionX
  • Studio: Red Fusion X Studios
  • Title: Labor Siege
  • Premiered: 2003-09-01
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    • The Siege The Siege Trailer
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  • Comments: Well, as many who have seen my vids know that I am a huge Patlabor fan.
    Well, a friend of mine kept on nagging me to make a trailer and I have been thinking of combinations to do, and all the good ones have been done.
    Well, I was bored one night and I sat down and watched The Siege. While I was going with my tradition of exploring every feature on a DVD, I watched the Trailer and while I was watching it, I kept picturing Patlabor 2, considering they have similar themes, terrorists-eplosions-military in streets, and decided to go with it.
    While I used the footage from Patlabor 2, the movie is really dark, and I not only needed som daylight scenes, but scenes with a bomb-maker. Project put on hold.

    Recently after Otakon, I bought a copy of You're Undder Arrest TMP, and it had the perfect part for me to use at the beginning, the EOD squad making a detonator. So I continued making this vid using the two clips of some gloved hands building a bomb. Also some scenes of a UH-1N Iriquois helicopter fit some of the audio.

    While I did stick with the originality of the vid, I focused on two common things between Patlabor 2 and YUA, both had bridges being blown up. So I kind of made that look like that was the terroists plot, to destroy all bridges. I do find a few parts of this vid a little vid humorous because seeing Kiichi Goto's face with Denzel Washington's voice kind of makes me chuckle, it works, and Shinobu's american voice actor sounds just like Annette Benning, so at least somthing sounded right.

    It will be a while before this vid is available for download, as I am having problems with my SmartFTP, but I hope to get it uploaded soon.

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