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  • Member: Mr Pilkington
  • Studio: Mr. Pilkington Studios
  • Title: Shame on Haruko
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
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    • System of A Down /feat Wu Tang Clan Shame on a Nigga
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  • Comments: This idea came to me just after finishing the last episode of FLCL. And coming to the realization that I was totally gullible for believing that Haruko was out to help Naota (Ta-kun). I was actually pissed off, so I deiced to make an AMV basically saying “Shame on you Haruko.” Little did I know how literal that would become. Now mind you this was well over a year ago. The first version, never made it past the first 10 seconds of animation. Fans subs!! >_< Eweeewwwwewww. Then came the domestic release and all was to be well or so I thought…. Believe it or not I actually had to battle the evil Mediaplay Corporation to get said disc. For a full description of the problem at hand, check my post in the General Anime forum. Well, 2 weeks, 17 hours and 56 minute later I have an AMV that, I’m actually glad to say, I am proud of! But don’t take my word for it, just view it for yourself.
    Some of this is all new technique to my work. If you have seen any of my stuff before you will be pleasantly surprised! This is the “new and improved” Mr. Pilkington. Far more l33t than the old version 1.01! Let me know what you think, this may become something I will incorporate into more AMVs from this point on.

    Actual completion date: 9/5/03
    Premiered Date: 9/26/03

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