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  • Member: Pie Row Maniac
  • Studio: Donuts Inc.
  • Title: Alpha and Omega
  • Premiered: 2003-09-04
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    • Lalo Schifrin The Amityville Horror
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  • Comments: This video was created through a few different events.

    Event #1: Freddy vs Jason. After seeing the movie, my love for classic horror flicks was sparked again, and I began downloading different themes from various horror movies and series. Out of all of them, The Amityville Horror theme creeped me out the most. Little children chanting words they shouldn't chant is quite unnerving.

    Event #2: Lack of any real projects. I hadn't edited a big project since Brothers In Arms 2, and didn't want any of my skill (if there was any there to begin with :P) to start dissolving into nothing. I needed to keep in practice until I could start my bigger, more planned-out projects. I won't be able to make those until Event #3 stops existing.

    Event #3: No DVD drive in my new computer. My mom bought me a new comp (she rules!), and it came with a normal CD-ROM drive and a CD burner, so to ask for another drive is pushing my mom's kindness. Anywho, without a DVD drive I don't have many ways to acquire footage EXCEPT ripping from video games, something I'm all too familiar with.

    I wanted to try my hand at a creepy video. Describe The Horror To Me was more like sticking my foot in the water, whereas in this video I actually get in the damn pool. I had a fun time putting this together, experimenting with video effects and trying to figure out some editing techniques that would give me chills up my spine. Invert, Ripple, Ghosting, I got to meet all my old friends again. :P

    XenoGears was the video game of choice because one of my friends moved in recently and brought his copy of it with him. Seeing it sit there on the coffee table, I was struck with the want to see the anime FMVs in the game and realized I should make a video out of it. I had thought to use the Amityville Horror theme, and had some different song ideas to use, but Amityville is just too creepy to pass up.

    Another problem with my new comp was that the hard drive is only 18 gigs(!), so I couldn't rip the FMVs to the highest quality they could've been. After ripping them with Xvid, Premiere acted up, so I converted all the clips with the MPEG-V2 codec. I also want to point out that, oddly, converting into MPEG was better overall quality than Xvid during the final encode. Quite baffling, since Xvid almost always worked best for me, but hey I'm not complaining. Whatever works best. :D

    On the DIRECT link, right-click on it to save it onto your hard drive. The LOCAL link contains an incredibly high quality version of it, at 720x480 using Xvid with the Quality setting at 100. Yep, it's that good. Only drawback is that it's 50 megs, so unless you're on dial-up or not an ORG member with download privileges, go for the LOCAL link. :D

    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0

    Time Taken To Create: Four Days (including an all-nighter -_-; I can now sleep happily...)

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