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  • Member: LightningCountX
  • Studio: LightningCountX Productions
  • Title: Saiya-jin's Shout!
  • Premiered: 2003-09-04
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Shout 2000
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  • Comments: Saiya-jin's Shout!

    Well, this is my latest video, and and was a huge pain in the ass to make due to Microsoft and its piece of shit Windows Movie Maker 2.0 that frezzes all the time =\. Seriously, WMM froze and i lost the beginning of the project 3 times, and it kept frezzing during the project, and It was very very frustrating....I had to keep making beta's of my video to see if the effects worked cause like I said, WMM is a POS and lags like a mother when you view the effects...But I hung in there...I really enjoy Disturbed's music, and lately I have been screaming(Shouting)just to let out my anger in a non violent way. It sucks to be me(Alcoholic/Druggie Parents, Broken Heart, and many other things...) Here are the song lyrics...

    Shout 2000 By Disturbed

    Shout, Shout, Let it all out
    These are the things I can do without
    Come on, I'm talking to you, so come on

    In violent times...
    You shouldn't have to sell your soul
    In black and white...
    They really really ought to know
    Just don't know
    Those wandering minds...
    Who took you for a working whore
    Kiss them goodbye...
    They shouldn't have to jump for joy
    Jump jump jump jump jump

    You shouldn't have to shout for joy shout

    They give you life...
    and in return you gave them hell
    As cold as ice not witch your ice ice baby
    I hope we live to tell the tale
    I hope we live to shout the tale shout

    Will you never shout
    I feel as though you're never gonna let it all out
    Will you never shout?
    I feel as though I know
    You're never gonna let it all out
    Will you never shout?
    I feel as though I know you're never gonna let it
    And when you've taken down your gaurd...
    If I could change your mind...
    I'd really love to break your heart
    Break break break break break

    I'd really love to shout your heart shout

    I'd really love to
    Shout shout

    Come on let me shout shout let me
    Come on let me shout shout
    Come on let me shout shout let me
    Come on let me shout shout


    Well, ive made some effort in lip syncing in this video...The quality still isnt the best, but I kinda have a job and I almost have enough for a DVD Rom Drive, yay! So ill be making some 1337 videos with the DVD's I buy...My favorite part of the video has to be at 3:00 and it ends at 3:53. I especially love where gohan is standing ready to fight with tears in his eyes, reminds me of myself when I accually do get into a fight....Well, I hope you enjoy the show!

    This is my last video using downloaded footage...all is DVD footage now!

    ****Hardware Used****

    1.3 gHz Intel Celeron Processor Emachines T1150
    512 SD RAM
    ATI Radeon 7500 64 MB DDR PCI
    56X CD-RW Drive
    $10 Radio Shack Headphones
    And my new, trusty, Logitech Optical Scroll Mouse

    ****Software Used****

    Windows Movie Maker 2.0
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    TMPG Encoder

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