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  • Member: Cole
  • Title: Under the Stars (final edit)
  • Premiered: 2003-09-04
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    • Rie Tanaka Shizukana Yoru Ni
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  • Comments: Well, months after I started working on it, I finally finished this Crest of the Stars showcase. I didn't spend months working on it, it was an off-and-on deal. Essentially this AMV focuses on Jinto and Lafil's relationship, with the obvious space element added in. A buddy loaned me an old copy of Premier (is it just me, or is 5.1 supposed to crash every 5 minutes?) so that I could do the overlays that I wanted but couldn't with my own editor. However, the temptation to mess with filters was too much, so I threw a few in where I thought they could help. I wasn't trying to be gawdy, so hopefully the video will play through and the the effects I used won't be overly obvious. I'm not familiar with audio editing, seeing as I still am learning video, so the slower first 1/3 of the song is still here. This is where I put the handful of filters, to try and make the video not seem as if it was creeping along.

    At 3:27, I had planned to lip-synch when I first started working on this video. Holy crap, doing a frame-by-frame might be simple for some, but not when Lafil's face is transparent and there are stars moving in the background. Finally, after TWO DAYS of Photoshopping, I said screw it and cheated by dropping a space battle on her face. If you drink a six-pack and smoke some crack before watching this video, you might almost be fooled in to thinking there's a semblance of lip-synch at that point.

    Overall, picture quality is less than what I hoped for. It's not horrible, but it's not what I'm used to seeing compared to my last few videos. The interlace fields are more apparent than they were in the raw edit I started with.

    Even though it's a slow song (the song Lacus sings on the Gundam Seed OST), the climax towards the end is full of heavy beats echoing voices, so I dropped scenes ontop of each other to give a "filling" effect, kind of like an overload of pictures to match the music. All in all, I'd like this video to be something you can show to somebody who's never seen the series, something that might peak their interest because it is a very, very good show.

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