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  • Member: DTJB
  • Studio: Downtown Productions
  • Title: Creatures of the Night
  • Premiered: 2003-09-02
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    • KISS Creatures of the Night
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  • Comments: Ah yes, my very first music video. The planning, the scene selection, the editing, the utter, UTTER frustration that comes with making one of these things. Why do I still do this? Huh, 'cause it's fun? Oh sure, that's it.

    Anyway, this is an AMV of the original 1985 Vampire Hunter D video. It's kind of sentimental that I use this for my first AMV because it was one of the very first anime that I ever saw on Cartoon Network. Yeah! That's right, CN actually showed this movie way back when they were first experimenting with putting anime on their channel. Originally, I had thought about using the VHD: Bloodlust movie as well, but the minute I saw the high production value of the animation that was used, I figured it would be an eye sore for people to watch my video if it switched from the '85 movie to the 2000 movie. Maybe some year I'll do an updated version using the Bloodlust movie, but I'm not in any hurry to do so.

    The music used is the title track of the 1982 KISS album, Creatures of the Night. KISS is my all time favorite band, and it was fun using one of their songs for this AMV. Some fans may not like this album, for the fact that it doesn't feature the original line up, but I think this is still one of their best. If you have ever been curious about getting a KISS album, this should be one of them.

    Since this is my first AMV, don't expect it to be the best one you ever saw. But you should still give it a chance. I tried to make the audio fit with the video as well as I could, and I was really able to pull it off in some places.

    For the moment, I am currently working on a brand new video. Once that has been completed though, this will be the first video that I will remaster. Check back for any updates.

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