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  • Member: KawaiiYume4o8
  • Studio: Kawaii Yume Productions
  • Title: The Jing Jump
  • Premiered: 2003-08-28
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  • Songs:
    • Aladdin One Jump Ahead
    • Brad Kane One Jump Ahead
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This vid turned out to be a blast to create. It was fun ^^ The anime used: King of Bandit Jing. I don't think anyone has used this show for an amv yet, so that was something new. I bought the DVD set at AX2003, bootleg (lol), came home, watched it, and got freakin' pissed. Damn these bootleg dvds, yeah, theyre cheap, but they have some problems too. As I popped in the 2nd dvd to finish off the series, I noticed that throughout the whole thing, there was this damn lil symbol at the top right hand corner, it pissed the hell outta me. The first disc was just fine! There was really nothing I could do but to deal with it. So, please ignore that stupid thing as best you can and not let it affect the way you watch the vid. Ok, on with what's in the vid.

    Listening to a Disney soundtrack, the song "One Jump Ahead" from the Aladdin movie caught my attention and I thought: 'What a fun song, I wonder if I should make an amv" and I started brainstorming on what anime I had that fit that catchy song. haha. Yup, you got it! It fit rather well, Jing being a bandit, Aladdin being a theif..haha..what's the difference? Sooo, I ripped the dvds and starting editing right away. The beginning was such a pain to do as I had no idea what to put in there, so I experimented with lots of different clips and finally had something that went along rather nice with some lil effects here and there. The rest of it was pretty easy to do as I had already planned out what scenes to match with the lyrics. This vid, I should say, would just be one of those kinda goofy, fun type of vids that you make in a day when you're absolutely bored. lol. Soo, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Ops are always welcome

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    compression: XVID
    size: 39 MB
    duration: 2:55
    software used:Adobe Premiere 6.0

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