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  • Member: FoxJones
  • Title: Take a Look Around
  • Premiered: 2003-07-12
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    • Limp Bizkit Take a Look Around
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  • Comments: -- this video and these comments include some minor spoilers for Gunsmith Cats OVA --

    Idea for this AMV started with few flashback of some scenes that would be quite perfect with that particular audio-track eg. the "slow part" in the end, ending up with the explosion triggered by the phone. I was really anxious about starting to make it, and even bought the DVD just so that I could get decent raws out of it ^_^' Too bad the result wasn't quite what I hoped for.
    This is most likely the last video made with vdub. It's clear that I finally started to get the hang of using it. Too bad this was made in a bit of a rush. I wanted it to be finished before my own little animecon. Video was "ready" 3-5h before it started ^_^' And this really shows in it. It's full of small screwups that really ticks me off eg. the part where Radinov's car explodes over the river.. couldn't decide whether to sync the change with explosion or the scene, the result being in sync with neither. Also the final "fast part" is a bit short, making it hard to make it good.. which I also screwed up with the way too long "may/rally walking leaning on each other"-part.
    While I was in the middle of making this I got my hands on Vegas 4.0. Didn't have time and energy to make whole AMV with it, so instead I just tried it out with the fadeouts near the end.

    Even though I'm a bit full of Limp Bizkit and Limp Bizkit AMVs I just had to make this. It works with GSC quite enough, and even though I made the AMV a bit story-like also lyrics fit, supporting the Rally vs. Radinov showdown. Lip syncs are mostly unintentional, which gave me a good chuckle few times.. eg. the detective answering the phone "why you wanna hate me". I said mostly, because I practiced it with the senator-part.

    With all the little flaws (and the couple of major ones) I had planned to remake this some day. That project is in the ice for now, because instead of going back to my old videos I want to try out something new.

    FoxJones - Finland

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