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  • Member: fallout161
  • Title: Once Upon a Time in Trigun
  • Premiered: 2003-08-23
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    • Movie Trailer Once Upon a Time in Mexico Trailer
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  • Comments: Like most of my videos, I decided to do this one on a whim. I'd wanted to do one for awhile, but lack of footage stopped me. Then D_V came over and was like "dude, stop being a ninny." So I read the DVD ripping guide by Ermac and Absolute Destiny (which is, as David said it was, "essential reading"). So I learned to rip DVDs, and now, 3 days afterward, I have a completed video.

    It's another short one, but one I'm proud of. I thought the Once Upon a Time in Mexico trailer suited the mood and story of Trigun, especially because both are about "an outlaw who became a legend." That worked very well, I should think. Plus, I really loved the trailer to begin with: it actually had *timing,* like an AMV. Check it out for yourself, those 4 gun cocking sounds match the beat, and a few other things do too. Only thing I don't like is the middle of the trailer. i.e., everything from "A renegade agent" to "but to kill you all." And the very, very end: "are you still standing?" / "still." But hey, I'm not picky.

    Also like my last vid, I completed this one in a binge of 3 days, and thank GOD my awesome friend Erin called me 30 minutes after I emailed her, saying she'd bring the rest of the (mandatory) Trigun DVDs, to which I had no other access to. Erin, this Bud's for you.

    And yes, there's some interlacing (ugh). This is the first time ripping DVDs, and due to impatience I sorta skipped the de-interlacing stuff, and rushed a bit of the video. I had a deadline to meet, for the AWA AMV contest. Speaking of which... I have to go upload this piece of crap there. ta-ta.

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