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  • Member: Big Big Truck
  • Studio: Big Big Truck Productions
  • Title: O Sinners [scrapped]
  • Premiered: 2001-06-06
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  • Song:
    • Allison Kraus - O Brother Where Art Thou sdtk Down In The River To Pray
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    NOTE: The last 30 seconds or so of this AMV appear in "Failed Experiments in Video Editing".

    This is another video that, like "Midnight Cowboy", I put together, then was dissatisfied.
    I was SO SURE about this video... I was so sure it would be good.. until it was 99% complete.
    Well, let me rephrase. I *do* think it's a decent video, but I made it immediately after finishing the series, and was hoping to create something that indicated how much I was bowled over by it. It ended up being too serious and obscure. This video would be a total failure in front of an audience.
    Also, the quality of editing required for a project like this is far above my level of ability.

    I'd hoped to create a moving video, juxtaposing violent footage with the soft, swelling tones of a cappella gospel music.

    Turns out I just made a big mess.

    THEME: I wanted to feature the female cast in the first verse & chorus of the song, the male cast members in the second verse & chorus, and the entire cast (with focus on Spike & Vicious) at the last verse, where the music was fullest. I'd also been so impressed with the music on "O Brother Where Art Thou" and the music from "Cowboy Bebop" that I wanted to experiment with some serious pre-blues, honest-to-God roots music.

    FOOTAGE: TV Series 1-26, with focus on the later episodes.
    I was pleased with some of the cuts in this video, particularly the first verse (Faye standing in front of her demolished house on "Oh Lord show me the way"), and some parts of the second verse (Spike lobbing a grenade on "let's go down", with each action matching one of the three words, and the bomb exploding on "down"), but the beginning of the second verse, and the entire third verse just fell into shambles.

    NOTE: Song was edited to remove the "mothers" and "fathers" verses, and came in at about 1:45.

    I do recommend that you pick up this soundtrack. It's truly excellent. I'd love to see a music video to "Big Rock Candy Mountain" someday...

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