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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: "She Burns"
  • Premiered: 2003-08-16
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    • Finch What it is to burn
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  • Comments: So this all started about 3 days ago when my girlfriend told me she might not be able to see me anymore (for unknown reasons) I was PISSED, to say the absolute least, so this is where this began.

    I\'d always wanted to make a tenchi video, because I adore the series as a whole, but.. nothing struck me as something I wanted to do. Untill that day when she told me. I was so depressed I turned on my Finch cd which I never really even bothered to unwrap, skiped the first like... 8 tracks. got to another track, interesting, nothing I wanted to so but interesting none the less.

    Then I got to track number 13. the unlucky track of course.

    And I\'m listening and it hits me \"HOLY SHIT, THIS IS HER, THIS IS TENCHI\'S DAUGHTER!!!\".
    So I listen to it about 20 times trying to fall asleep I turn my computer on, and I start ripping :D.

    I should note that at the end of this project my girlfriend told me she WAS going to be able to stay and she did love me ^_^ so that would explain the intro to the video which had been COMPLETED but then after that I didnt feel like such a depressed freak so i took out what I had put in, and place in the ending credits with some image masking ^_^.

    About the video itself I should note, my favorite spot is 2:19 because it hit the silent spot WAY better than I had expected.

    The only problems I had seen durning the completed form where fixed and re-encoded.

    The video it self is encoded into a clear mpeg 1 compression with tmpg and I think it\'s the best looking video I\'ve ever done.

    With the starting of the video I felt that I needed to show tenchi\'s daughter arriving there and I felt the best way was to show it like it is in it\'s final form, and while I\'m positive I missed a few beats, most of what I missed WAS on purpose, because sometimes missing a beat is a good thing ^_^.

    The main plot revolves around tenchi, his daughter, and ryoko, and I really felt I wanted to show the emotion between ryoko and tenchi intead of just being his daughter and him alone for 4:39.

    So anyway as the lyric\'s state

    Shes the only,
    One who know\'s what it is to

    And I felt she really was a depressed soul who was always looking for a way \"in\" but chouldnt due to herself fighting against her own genes.

    Ryoko is a diffrent story all togther, she cant seem to find out what\'s going on, and all she knows is that she is deeply in the throws of love with tenchi (what a great gal XD).

    While they finally learn to accept her, no-one can understand why she is doing what she is to herself, and to her family, it seems that she cant figure that out either, till the end. but the end itself is sad with the light on the jewel fading out to end the video.

    BUT like I said after my girlfriend came back I put the end credits on the front of the video, and image masked them, so the end is the beging and all is well ^_^.

    Computer (Dvd rom, 128.0MB Ram, 10 GB hard drive, AMD 500Mhz)
    Adobe 6.0
    PSX:MC (ripping of the cd)
    DVD Decrypter
    1 Finch \"What it is to burn\" Compact disc
    1 Tenchi Muyo \"Daughter of darkness\" Region 1 American Digital Video Disc

    Soda, lots of soda, to keep me awake.

    Good news from girlfriend at.
    Saturday morning about 12 pm

    I really hope you enjoy this, as it\'s really I think my best work, I was deep in the throws of my own relationship, and I think it really shows.

    Enjoy and please leave an opinion.


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